Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancin OhhhhLaaaLaaa

Back in the beginning of my days of newfound sexual liberation and enjoyment, a girlfriend of mine introduced me to a guy, B, who she said I had alot in common with. Neither of us was anywhere near being in the mood for a serious relationship. We were both just enjoying life and what it happened to bring our way.

After talking on the phone and chatting online for a few days, B asked me if I wanted to meet him at this little club where they have latin dancing on Friday nights. I, not being afraid of anything new, said “hell yah!” He warned me that latin dancing involved touching and had the appearance of being very sexual. Hmmmm. I like it already.

So, we met up and we ventured over there. I had on a skanky, flowing black skirt and a top that accentuted my ample breasts. He was dressed in slacks that cradled his butt in a way that was very, very sexy. We got in, and walked down to the edge of the dance floor where I could see how salsa dancin is done. After a few minutes, we found our way to the corner of the floor where he proceeded, in a slow manner to show me how to step and how my hips were supposed to pop. Did I mention, this man can dance?

Up until that night, I thought I had rhythm. I take it back, I do have rhythm, just not organized. I can shake my ass like no other, until you try to teach me real dance. He was very patient and after an hour or so, I kind of had it. Not perfect, but I was picking up his ques and knew it meant when he touched the small of my back or the side of my arm that he was going to be dipping me or sending me in another direction.

Finally, in the middle of the night sometime, they slowed it down some. B came up and cradled me from behind. We were both so hot and wet from the heat in the place. His arms were wrapped around me, his hands were wandering up and down my hips, over my skirt, yet between my legs, over my ass, around and over my breasts.

I could feel my heart beating so loud and hard in my chest that I was sure he could hear it over the persuading thump of the latin music that was piercing the air. I could feel my pussy starting to get warm and moist. I could feel the ache down below with every pulse of the beat.
I guess he was feeling it too, because when he turned me around and then back again, I could feel his dick against me. He was hard and he was making sure to be pressed against my ass.

Once or twice or lips brushed while we were dancing. Other than the constant teasing, I never really thought anything about having a sexual trist that night.

Around 4:00 am we had enough of the dancing. We laughed all the way back to his car. We talked about working out and all kinds of odd stuff on the way back to my house. When we got there, he got out and we stood in my driveway talking some more. He leaned over and kissed me. I scooted in closer to him and the make-out session was on. His hands started wandering. Eventually we was leaned back on his car and I was leaned back on him. His hand were still searching over my body. They slid into my shirt and beneath my bra where he found my nipples that were hard and waiting to be touched and squeezed. His other hand found its way up my skirt and into my panties where her found my pussy wet and aching from the constant teasing of the late night sex on the dance floor.

Under the early morning night sky, I stood leaning against him as he explored every hot spot that I possess. He was nibbling on my neck. His fingers were dancing over my clit. It didn’t take long before my thighs began to shake and I was cumming. He let his fingers slip in and out of me, fucking me with them, feeling how wet I was.

I couldn’t take anymore. I took him by the hand, to my front porch. A very private and secluded place, where no one could see. I snuck into the house to get some blankets and we laid down. It was on. We were kissing and touching and I was cumming again. I wanted to taste him. The clothes started coming off, piece by piece. I found myself down on him, swirling my tongue around his throbbing cock. Teasing him, like he had teased me all night long. I took all of him as deep as I could into my throat, finding a rhythm that he enjoyed. I enjoyed licking and sucking him. I loved that I could hear those noises of extasy coming from him.
Eventually, I couldn’t take anymore. I wanted him deep inside of me.

Condom wrapper flying, and I was on top of him, slipping down, sliding his dick in and out of me, occassionally letting it come all the way out so the head could rub over my clit. I rode him furociously. He fit inside of me perfectly. His head was massaging every nook and cranny of my pussy. I was cumming again.

I was starting to get tired. Afterall dancing and fucking like porn stars is tiring work. We flipped over and he started to pound me. There is something so sexy about a man pushing in with all his might. Banging intently with one goal. I was cumming. He was cumming.

The sun was about to start its rise. We laid naked on the blankets on the front porch until nearly sun-up. I started to drift off and realized we should get dressed before my daughter woke up. He needed to get home and get some rest. We both had things to do that day.
He kissed me softly and headed to his car.

Me and B are still super friends. I think of all the fun we had together often. It makes me smile, and sometimes it makes me blush.


~ by naughtyendevours on September 29, 2008.

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  1. very nicely written. very hot !!!

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