Inside my chest lies an aching heart

banging inside with every pound


minutes pass – midnight chimes


silence darkness echoes – no sound


dream state – deep sleep – sliding down


wake up – cold sweat – float above ground


chill bumps cover over me – go spin in the clouds


naked and vulnerable am i


silence – darkness – echoes – no sound


inside the clouds i’m blinded


sight stolen in my dreams


desperately running naked and blind


mist breaks to heat and steam


is the reality happening


am i in this place


awake or am i dreaming


look in the mirror


staring my eyes


without my face


within my mind keep searching


aching to be complete


my body on my pillows shake

aroused – wake on damp sheets


I’ve decided that taking away this blog gave me no hope for anything fun to ever happen in my sex life again.

It was like giving up.

Nothing new here for now.  But, the old stuff is reposted and hopefully there will be something worth talking about soon.


~ by naughtyendevours on September 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Dreaming”

  1. welcome back sexy
    don’t give up.


  2. very poetic… welcome back

  3. I second what the always wise Sage said. I’m looking forward to your new adventures and catching up on your old.

    Hope your day is beautiful


  4. Where you at sexy?
    come talk to us!!

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