Lock the Doors

Baby Lock The Doors….

Baby lock the doors and turn the lights down low…

Put some music on thats soft and slow…
Baby, we ain’t got no place to go…
I hope you understand…
I’ve been thinkin bout this all day long…
Never felt a feelin quite this strong…
I can’t believe how much it turns me on…
Just to be your man…

Sweet Jesus… What is it about a sexy ass man, croonin out a sexy, I wanna fuck you song, that can get a girl’s juices pumpin?

My man loves my sensual side. It’s raw emotion and 100% sexy. He loves what we call wall-dancin. Wall dancin usually occurs after a night of good, hard drinkin.

We’ll go in the house, leave the lights off, or turn on a light in the other room so we can barely see until our eyes adjust.

I love to go out in dress clothes, slutty shoes and sometimes a cowboy hat. It’s just sexy. I keep my clothes on for a while. T stands in the middle of the livingroom still dressed. We have several CDs that have some excellent sexy music on them. I’ll pop one in the player, kick off his shoes and let the games begin.

I love dancing around him. I love dancing with him. It usually starts out with us slow dancing in the privacy of our space. I love my hands combing through his hair and running over his neck and ears. I love the feel of his breath on me. I love touching him through his clothes. Touching barely enough for him to feel it, but firm enough to know I am.

I love teasing his cock through his blue jeans. I love running my hand over his dick as it is getting hard inside his pants. I love dancing behind him. Caressing him. Feeling his heart beat hastening and his breaths becoming shallow. He’s getting turned on.

I love pulling his shirt off and feeling his warm skin under my still exploring hands as I dance around him. Grinding on his leg, rubbing against his ass. Reach around, unbutton those jeans that are now too tight in the crotch. I love pushing him down on the couch, where he sits, jeans wrapped around his ankles. Dick popping up, showing underneath his chonies.

I grab the jeans, toss them away.
The light is dim, but sillouettes can be seen. He is made to watch. He is not allowed to touch me until I tell him he can from this point on.

When I dirty dance for him, it is always started off with Josh Turner’s “Your Man”.

Que song #4. The music starts. Slowly, I start to move with the music. Off comes the hat as I grab hold of the wall and act as if it is my dancing partner. Running my hands up and down, turning my back to it and slithering up and down. Slink out of my top. But it has to be a tease. Swaying on the wall to the music, up and off comes the shirt. Next the pants must go.

Slide towards him, just out of his reach, unbutton my pants and let them fall to the floor.

Now I am left in my bra, panties and slutty shoes.

Slink a bit closer to him. Take his hand and put it on my thigh. I guide his hand between my legs, not stopping to linger at my hotspot that is starting to ache for him. No. I keep his hand moving up my body. His fingers graze over my belly and up to my bra.

I slap his hand and walk away to the rhythm of the song. Back on the wall I go. He sits there like a good boy and doesn’t say a word. I’m getting extremely turned on. I turn my back to the wall again, reach behind me and unhook my bra, letting it fall to the floor in front of me.

I run my hands over my body. I skim over my panties, just enough to tease myself and get my juices flowing. I pass lightly over my belly, up to my breasts. I caress them in my hands, gently. I slip a finger into my mouth to get it wet and tease my nipples. They grow hard and I can feel myself getting wet. I tease him as I tease me.

I can’t stop what is started. I slide my hand down my body into the front of my panties. There is so much heat radiating. I brush my fingers through the little landing strip I have down there. I can feel my pussy begging. I can see him watching me. I let my finger slip down and touch my clit. It is so hot and erect. It’s as hard as a rock.

“Cum, baby.” T whispers from the couch. Where he is still sittting there as he was told.

“Shhhhh!” I tell him. My hips are moving not only to the music, but they are meeting my fingers which are now rhythmically stroking my clit. I slip out of the panties. I slide down the wall until I am sitting on the floor with my legs spread, facing him, so he can see what I am doing.

I begin to rub harder and faster. I can feel it all the way through my body. The ache of wanting to cum. But, not yet. I want him to make me cum. I crawl across the floor to him. I get up and straddle his lap. My pussy wide open begging for his fingers.

I take his hands and put them on my breasts. He fondles them until my nipples become hard again. My fingers are back on my clit. Working it, keeping it hot for him. He can’t stand it anymore. He grabs my hands and puts them behind my back, locking them there with one hand. He takes my nipple in his mouth, sucking furiously, nibbling, biting. His free hand finds its way between my burning thighs. His fingers find the same rhythm I was rubbing to and he adds to it. Same speed, teasing me, rolling my clit between his fingers. I can feel the burn start deep inside me. He’s going to make me cum. I start rolling my hips and grinding myself into his hand. I am dripping wet, I’m cumming. My juices are running down my legs onto his.

He slips two fingers inside of me as I try to recover from the first orgasm. He is slowly probing for my G-spot. It didn’t take him long. He found it and he manipulates it. He brings me so close to cumming again, then stops. He rubs my clit with his thumb, leaving his fingers inside of me.

“Slide down there and lay on your back, baby.” He says to me.

I slide my feet to floor and stand up. All the while his thumb dancing over my swollen clit, his two fingers still slipping in and out of my wetness. With the grace of ballroom dancers, we manuvered to the floor. As he requested, I lay flat on my back. He sat kneeled in front of my open legs. His free hand held my legs apart. He loves my legs to be spread far apart. He loves to watch my cunt as his manipulates it and teases it.

I was unable to control myself any longer. I started out the dominating one, and ended up submitting to him as my pussy got hotter and hotter. I started moaning. My back was arched off of the floor and my hips rising to his thumb. I slid my hand back down the front of my body, meeting his thumb and edging it to the side. I wanted to work my clit while his was fucking me so deep with his fingers. Pumping in and out of me. His pace was picking up to match the speed that I was rubbing.

When he saw I was close to cumming again, he turned his focus back to my g-spot. He massaged it and teased it. When I moaned and cried out from the oncoming orgasm, he jumped on top of me. Thrusting his dick all the way inside of me. His hips beating against my hips. My fingers still working my clit. I was rubbing furiously now and thrusting against him so he could be engulfed my hungry cunt. I screamed out as he forced himself deep inside of me over and over. I was cumming again. This was the big one. I was turning my head back and forth like a mad woman, gasping for every breath I could get. There it came. I pussy walls were contracting around his dick as he continued. The more they contracted, the more I kept cumming. Squeezing on him. I heard him starting to cry out. “Oh God. I’m cumming too!”

His dick jumped around inside of me as he released all of his built up tension. He collapsed on top of me. Neither of us able to move. Paralyzed from the simulataneous mega orgasm we had just experienced.


~ by naughtyendevours on September 29, 2008.

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