The Darkside Revisited

Darth should have never left us alone to our own devices. He should have known better. He should have known we liked each other. But he just had to go on the business trip and leave us to take care of ourselves. He should have known better…


In all acutally, he encouraged the tryst between us girls because he knew it would keep up occupied, satisfied and would keep us from straying anywhere until he came back home. If we were together, chances were we’d still be his by the time his trip was over.

Dianne called me at the office about a week after Darth left. She wanted to know if I was busy and had time to get together for a while. I was feeling frisky and missing Darth, so I said it would be not only nice, but I was sure it would be fun.

“Where do you want to meet?” I asked her.


“Let’s just hook up at Darth’s place since it’s close to both of us.” She said, “Plus he has the hot tub.”


“Oohh, that’s right. Works for me. Tonight?” I asked.


“Yah, around 9?” She replied.


“See ya there” I said. “Ciao.”


I was useless the rest of the day. Darth had been gone and I was totally in a dry spell. Even though Dianne and I knew about one another, we were both faithful to him. He was the only one either of us was having an intimate relationship with. Well, until we started playing together anyway. But that was Darth approved and we liked it.

I got there around 9, as planned. I rang the bell and she came to the door. We were both in jeans a t-shirts. We sat around watching t.v. for a little while.

“Wanna get in the hot tub?” She asked me.

“Sure. But can I have a glass?” I asked.

I had a little bottle of Jack with me. Figured it might help me not be as nervous. Now don’t ask me why I was nervous. There was really no need. We had liked each other before and had a blast, why would this time be any different?

She grabbed a glass from the cabinet and I poured a little shot.


“Want some of this?” I offered.

“Nah. I’ve got some of this mix left I’ll drink.” She said.

She poured a drink and disappeared to the bathroom to get towels. She came back and we grabbed our drinks and headed out back. We peeled off our clothes and hopped in. We sat talking for a few minutes.

“There’s a film in the water. Let’s go ahead and get out so I can shock it.” She said.


Darth hadn’t been home to take care of the water, so we were out of luck.

We hopped out, dried off, grabbed our drinks and headed toward Darth’s bedroom. We put our glasses on the night stand.

“Let’s go take a shower and get this off of us.” She said.

“Good idea.” I said. “I don’t need my skin to dry out.”

She turned on the shower, felt to make sure it was warm enough and we hopped in. We shampooed our hair and washed the hottub film off of us.


While I was rinsing my hair, I felt her touch my breast. She ran her fingers around it before stopping at my nipple. I let my hands find her breasts. There we stood, with the hot water running over our bodies and our fingertips on one another.

“Time to get out.” She said as she hopped out and tossed me my towel.

I jumped out of the shower and started drying off. We went from the bathroom into Darth’s bedroom. We stood there for a minute. Kissing and teasing each other. Finally she took me by the hand and we climbed up on the bed.

It wasn’t long before she had me laid back on the bed kissing me, letting her hands explore my body again. She found my clit and started to rub it in slow constant circles.


She was on her knees beside me, and I reached to touch her. I found the wet spot between her legs. She was already extremely turned on and extremely wet.

I slid my fingers over her lips, barely touching her clit. Her whole body tensed with anticipation.


She was starting to finger me. Letting her two fingers probe and explore my tight pussy. She stroked them in and out. As I got closer to cumming, she pumped her fingers in and out of me faster and faster. I reached between my legs and started rubbing my clit with my free hand while the other was still stroking her dripping cunt.


She was starting to pant and moan. I must have been fingering her just right because she started to pant and the moan changed into a scream. I kept on although I knew if she was like me, she would want to stop and catch her breath for a minute. But I wanted to cum too.


She kept slipping her fingers inside me. She was rubbing over my g-spot, whether she knew it or not. I was rubbing my clit and thrusting up to meet her fingers as they pumped in and out. I was cumming. I felt it start in the small of my back, down to my thighs. It was right there.

“Faster!” I told her. We both speeded up just enough to push me over the edge. I was cumming. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter with every contraction she was causing with her persistent pumping.


We both fell back and relaxed for a few minutes. Neither one of us took our hands off the other. I rubbed her thigh and listened to her breathe. She was about to catch her breath. I was still panting and having aftershocks. We lay there for a few more minutes and got up to get a drink.


Darth called her while we were in the kitchen.

“Is she there?” He asked her.

“Oh yah. We were just thinking about you.” She told him.

She was standing at the corner of the island kitchen. I squated down in front of her and ran my tongue along the outside of her pussy lips. I brushed over her clit with the second pass. I pushed my tongue past her lips to find her clit. She started to moan and sway, but also trying to keep herself together while she was talking to him.


“You better take pictures.” He said. “I wanna see.”


“You know we will.” She told him as she hung up.


“Lets go back to bed.” She said as she grabbed my hand an pulled me up.


She went back to the bedroom, reached under the pillow and came out with a cute little vibrator. She crawled back into the bed and laid back on the pillows. She looked at me and spread her legs wide. I crawled up and across the bed to her. I kissed her belly and ran my tongue down the front of her body until I found what it was she wanted me to do.


I pressed down with firm pressure with my tongue and began to stroke her clit. Occassionally, I would take it in my mouth and suck while my tongue teased her. She was overcome with pleasure. I know how to use my tongue and I love licking a girl as much as I love to be licked myself. The vibrator dropped at her side as she grabbed for the pillows, the sheets, anything she could hold on to.

Her hips moved in circles while I ran my tongue around her pussy. She was moaning again. I knew she couldn’t take much more. Sucking her pussy with the lightest pressure and she was was cumming again. The moans turned to screams of plessure as she started to relax and her butt dropped back down onto the bed.

I lay there with my head resting on her thigh while she caught her breath.


“Come here.” She panted as she motioned for me to come back to the top of the bed with her.

I crawled up beside her, leaned down and kissed her long and deep before laying on the pillows and closing my eyes for a minute. Regroup, round 3. We lay there touch each other lightly, running fingertips over our bodies until our bodies started to respond again.


Dianne started feeling around for the vibrator. She turned on to her side facing me. She switched the silver toy on low and held it to my nipple until it hardened. She ran it over my breast to the other nipple. It was soon hard too. She leaned over and started sucking my left nipple as she ran the happy stick down my belly toward my already aroused and ready cunt.


She purposely avoided letting it touch me down there. She teased the inside of my thighs with it for what seemed like forever before grazing over my swollen clit.


Finally, the cold, hard delight was between my lips and buzzing all around my pussy. She was teasing and taunting me by letting it slide just inside of me before pulling it back out and returning to my clit. My hips started to move as I felt that longing burn start to rise again. I wasn’t far from cumming and I wanted her to cum again too. With me.


She had another dildo with her. She leaned over the bed and pulled brought it out. Without saying a word, we entertwined our legs and pushed ourselves together until my pussy was pushed against hers. She sat up a little and held on to my legs. I leaned back into the pillows and pushed into so that our my lips were brushing over her clit and hers brushed over mine.

She turned on the little vibrator and slipped it down between our legs.

We both picked up the pace a little bit because we were both on the verge of cumming one more time.

I could feel the hot burning sensation of an orgasm welling up inside of me. We bumped and pushed against the vibrator and against each other. With every pass, a moan of pleasure would escape me. I couldn’t take anymore, and neither could she, I could see it in her eyes. We were both

cumming. My moans gave way to wimpers of pure ecstacy. She followed right behind me.

We collapsed on the rumpled up bed and lay there for a little while before I got up to get dressed. She walked me to the door and kissed me goodbye.

“We’ll have to do this again, huh?” She asked.

“I think so too. Night” I said as I walked to my car.


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