Thunder & Lightning

Darth and I had been fooling around for quite some time and having a good time doing it. He had dropped hints more than once about wanting to play with another girl and me and the same time. It’s not that I didn’t want to, I just didn’t want to share, dammit. I liked his dick in me and I was being greedy.
Well, he finally talked me into it.


 I had things to do that evening so I told him I’d be over sometime around 9ish. He said that was fine, they’d be there waiting for me.

I got there and sure enough, there he was, there she was. He’d set it up and was gonna make it happen. I’d never met her before, even though I knew about her. I know she knew that he had another playmate, but she didn’t know me or anything about me, other than Darth telling us both of us that we would like each other. Her name was Dianne.

They were watching Lost when I got there. The house was dark other than the light given off by the t.v. I walked across the livingroom to the oversized recliner.

I had come from a wedding, so I was dressed in a black skirt suit. I slid off my jacket, threw it over the back of the recliner and sat down. The slit in the skirt came nearly all the way up my thigh when I put the leg rest up and got comfortable. I could feel her sneaking looks over at me from her spot on the couch.


A commercial came on and she asked me, “Want some Blackberry Wine?  It’s really good.”


“Yum!  Sure.”  I said.


She brought the wine in and we all sat there watching the end of the show, sipping wine, chit chatting, making small talk.  Finally, it was over. 


“We should go get in the hot tub.”  Darth said as he wandered toward the back of the house and disappeared without waiting for our reply.


Dianne shrugged and went toward the back of the living room to the door that led to the screened in back porch.  It was warm, muggy and cloudy.  A storm was coming; we could hear thunder way off in the distance.   A fog was starting to rise in the field behind Darth’s house.  It was a very sexy feeling night.


Dianne was out of her clothes, totally naked and in the hot tub in mere seconds.

I couldn’t help but stare at her, even if it was only a split second.


“Are you coming in?”  She asked with a coy smile on her face.


Without saying a word, I slipped out of my skirt and top.  I unfastened my bra and let it fall to the ground and stepped out of my panties. 

I climbed in and sat across from her.  We started chit chatting about silly things again.


Out of the blue she asked me, “Can I touch you?”


“Oh yah.”  I said back to her.


She came across the tub and got close to me.  Her hands began to explore my body, ending up with her squeezing and taunting my nipples.  I leaned back and just enjoyed feeling her hands on me. 


As she teased me, she leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Does that feel good?”


I managed to get, “uh huh” out. 


She leaned over and kissed me, pulling me into her.   I grabbed her hips and pulled myself up.  We were kneeling in the middle of the hot tub.  Caressing each other’s body.  She was still lightly pinching my nipples, flicking them with her tongue occasionally. 


I let my hands start at her knees.  I ran my fingers up her thighs, between her legs.  My fingertips barely grazed the outer lips of her pussy, but I felt her body tense up and she was responding.  I let my hands continue up to her breasts, rubbing them gently at first, working my fingers over her nipples.


We were busy making out like teenagers and didn’t hear Darth slip out the backdoor onto the porch.  He watched for a minute before making his presence known.


“I wondered why it got so quiet out here.  I heard talking, then nothing.”  He said, laughing.


He was already naked and standing in front of us.  It was obvious that he was completely turned on by what he had been watching.  His dick was hard and standing straight up.  It took everything in me not to break away from Dianne and start sucking on his dick.


He didn’t waste any time.  He climbed in and told us to keep on doing what we’d been doing.   He was getting off on being a voyeur.  After a few minutes, he told Dianne, “Hop up there on the edge of the tub.”


He came to the middle of the tub and got up behind me.  His arms wrapped around me and he was teasing me while we both watched Dianne slide herself up onto the side.   She leaned back, held onto the framing of the porch and spread her legs wide. 


I went to her.  I flickered my tongue over her clit and watched her shutter.  I slipped a finger into her warm pink spot and felt her tighten around me.  I was enjoying teasing her as Darth was behind me teasing my pussy with the head of his dick, massaging my clit with one hand and holding my tit with the other. 


I could see Dianne building with anticipation, so I did what she was craving.  I took her clit into mouth and started to suck.  Nice and easy to begin with, then the intensity began to get to us both and I stepped it up and sucked harder.  She was aching to cum and her shrill screams of enjoyment filled the air.


I was getting more and more hot every time I’d suck on her.  Each pulse on her clit brought me closer and closer to wanting satisfaction myself.  I could feel the heat rising between my legs.  I could feel that ache that comes with unrelenting teasing.  Every time Darth would brush even lightly over my clit, the pings of pleasure would radiate from my pussy.


My fingers were working in and out of Dianne’s now sopping cunt.  Her eyes were closed and she was gritting her teeth.   She was about to cum hard.  As she started cumming, she screamed out to Darth  “Fuck her! Fuck her, now!  Fill her up!” 


Without hesitation he pulled my hips down and thrust his long, hard dick inside of me.  At that second I felt extreme pain that gave way to deep pleasure with every stroke he took.  I couldn’t focus on Dianne anymore.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, but all I could think about was Darth and the way he was moving in and out of me.  How his fingers were dancing on my clit and how they began to rub me in a rhythmic circle and Dianne sucking my nipples, until I couldn’t hold it back any longer.  I was cumming, and I was cumming hard.  I could feel it start with my clit, emulating inside my pussy where his dick was mercilessly rubbing over and over until I exploded.  I am not a screamer, but both of them could tell by my breathing and quiet moans that I was there. 


He pulled out of me and told that it was my turn to get on the side of the tub.  I slipped out of the water and up onto the side.  I leaned back and grabbed the closest post.  Pulled my legs up and they were spread wide apart.  My pussy was there and they were both looking at it. 


Dianne didn’t hesitate.  She slipped two of her fingers inside of me.  She worked them in and out, in and out, twisting them around as she did.  Darth was working my clit with his thumb.  He found perfect rhythm with her and they were fucking me to the point of another orgasm. 

He took his hand away and gently pushed her face into my cunt.  She lapped it up like she couldn’t get enough.  He was making it worth her while to eat me.

He told Dianne, “Watch her.  She squirms and she tries to get away.”


She locked her arms around my thighs to keep me in one place as he pushed inside of her and started to fuck her.  Everytime he would push deep inside of her, she would push her fingers deep inside of me.  As he played with her clit, she would suck mine.  I was so engulfed in pleasure.  I was on fire and aching to cum again.  She would suck perfect and with her fingering me, I would be so close to cumming.  I took her head gently in my hands and started grinding my clit into her lips.  I was moving up and down and in circles. 


I wimpered, “Please, please suck hard.  Suck on me, harder.” 


She had no more than sucked just a little harder and I was cumming.  She lapped my juices up and acted as if she couldn’t get enough.  I was starting to relax just a little , when Darth slid his fingers in me.  Trying to stir my heat again.  I’m not sure if it was another orgasm or just a continuation of the one before it, but my cum was dripping off of my pussy and down my butt onto the towel that was there to keep us from slipping.


I couldn’t take anymore.  I slid back down into the water and joined the two of them in the middle.


Darth said, “Ladies, I don’t know how much more of this I can take.  Would the two of you please make me cum?”


Darth is the type that loves to feel hands on his body.  It was his turn.  He stood up in front of us.  And there it was, his beautiful dick.  It was hard and begging to be licked, touched and sucked.  We both had our hands on him.  We were taking turns putting him in our mouths, sharing him with our tongues.  Caressing his balls.  Jacking him  off and teasing his head.  It didn’t take very long.  He had been holding out and making himself wait to cum.  When we finally worked him up to it, he yelled out and shot straight out. 


We all lay back in the bubbling water, trying to relax and catch our breath.  The thunder in the distance was close now.  A bolt of lightning shot through the air followed by a boom of thunder. 


Darth said, “It’s a sign.  From now on, you are thunder (pointing at me) and you are lightening (Dianne).”


Darth and I had some wicked times, but that was very nice for a change.  Dianne and I became friends, which made Darth happy.

To this day, everytime I see lightening in the distance or hear the thunder clap, I think of that night in the hottub.



~ by naughtyendevours on September 29, 2008.

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