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Inside my chest lies an aching heart

banging inside with every pound


minutes pass – midnight chimes


silence darkness echoes – no sound


dream state – deep sleep – sliding down


wake up – cold sweat – float above ground


chill bumps cover over me – go spin in the clouds


naked and vulnerable am i


silence – darkness – echoes – no sound


inside the clouds i’m blinded


sight stolen in my dreams


desperately running naked and blind


mist breaks to heat and steam


is the reality happening


am i in this place


awake or am i dreaming


look in the mirror


staring my eyes


without my face


within my mind keep searching


aching to be complete


my body on my pillows shake

aroused – wake on damp sheets


I’ve decided that taking away this blog gave me no hope for anything fun to ever happen in my sex life again.

It was like giving up.

Nothing new here for now.  But, the old stuff is reposted and hopefully there will be something worth talking about soon.


Dirty Dancing

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Dirty Dancin OhhhhLaaaLaaa

Back in the beginning of my days of newfound sexual liberation and enjoyment, a girlfriend of mine introduced me to a guy, B, who she said I had alot in common with. Neither of us was anywhere near being in the mood for a serious relationship. We were both just enjoying life and what it happened to bring our way.

After talking on the phone and chatting online for a few days, B asked me if I wanted to meet him at this little club where they have latin dancing on Friday nights. I, not being afraid of anything new, said “hell yah!” He warned me that latin dancing involved touching and had the appearance of being very sexual. Hmmmm. I like it already.

So, we met up and we ventured over there. I had on a skanky, flowing black skirt and a top that accentuted my ample breasts. He was dressed in slacks that cradled his butt in a way that was very, very sexy. We got in, and walked down to the edge of the dance floor where I could see how salsa dancin is done. After a few minutes, we found our way to the corner of the floor where he proceeded, in a slow manner to show me how to step and how my hips were supposed to pop. Did I mention, this man can dance?

Up until that night, I thought I had rhythm. I take it back, I do have rhythm, just not organized. I can shake my ass like no other, until you try to teach me real dance. He was very patient and after an hour or so, I kind of had it. Not perfect, but I was picking up his ques and knew it meant when he touched the small of my back or the side of my arm that he was going to be dipping me or sending me in another direction.

Finally, in the middle of the night sometime, they slowed it down some. B came up and cradled me from behind. We were both so hot and wet from the heat in the place. His arms were wrapped around me, his hands were wandering up and down my hips, over my skirt, yet between my legs, over my ass, around and over my breasts.

I could feel my heart beating so loud and hard in my chest that I was sure he could hear it over the persuading thump of the latin music that was piercing the air. I could feel my pussy starting to get warm and moist. I could feel the ache down below with every pulse of the beat.
I guess he was feeling it too, because when he turned me around and then back again, I could feel his dick against me. He was hard and he was making sure to be pressed against my ass.

Once or twice or lips brushed while we were dancing. Other than the constant teasing, I never really thought anything about having a sexual trist that night.

Around 4:00 am we had enough of the dancing. We laughed all the way back to his car. We talked about working out and all kinds of odd stuff on the way back to my house. When we got there, he got out and we stood in my driveway talking some more. He leaned over and kissed me. I scooted in closer to him and the make-out session was on. His hands started wandering. Eventually we was leaned back on his car and I was leaned back on him. His hand were still searching over my body. They slid into my shirt and beneath my bra where he found my nipples that were hard and waiting to be touched and squeezed. His other hand found its way up my skirt and into my panties where her found my pussy wet and aching from the constant teasing of the late night sex on the dance floor.

Under the early morning night sky, I stood leaning against him as he explored every hot spot that I possess. He was nibbling on my neck. His fingers were dancing over my clit. It didn’t take long before my thighs began to shake and I was cumming. He let his fingers slip in and out of me, fucking me with them, feeling how wet I was.

I couldn’t take anymore. I took him by the hand, to my front porch. A very private and secluded place, where no one could see. I snuck into the house to get some blankets and we laid down. It was on. We were kissing and touching and I was cumming again. I wanted to taste him. The clothes started coming off, piece by piece. I found myself down on him, swirling my tongue around his throbbing cock. Teasing him, like he had teased me all night long. I took all of him as deep as I could into my throat, finding a rhythm that he enjoyed. I enjoyed licking and sucking him. I loved that I could hear those noises of extasy coming from him.
Eventually, I couldn’t take anymore. I wanted him deep inside of me.

Condom wrapper flying, and I was on top of him, slipping down, sliding his dick in and out of me, occassionally letting it come all the way out so the head could rub over my clit. I rode him furociously. He fit inside of me perfectly. His head was massaging every nook and cranny of my pussy. I was cumming again.

I was starting to get tired. Afterall dancing and fucking like porn stars is tiring work. We flipped over and he started to pound me. There is something so sexy about a man pushing in with all his might. Banging intently with one goal. I was cumming. He was cumming.

The sun was about to start its rise. We laid naked on the blankets on the front porch until nearly sun-up. I started to drift off and realized we should get dressed before my daughter woke up. He needed to get home and get some rest. We both had things to do that day.
He kissed me softly and headed to his car.

Me and B are still super friends. I think of all the fun we had together often. It makes me smile, and sometimes it makes me blush.

Lock the Doors

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Baby Lock The Doors….

Baby lock the doors and turn the lights down low…

Put some music on thats soft and slow…
Baby, we ain’t got no place to go…
I hope you understand…
I’ve been thinkin bout this all day long…
Never felt a feelin quite this strong…
I can’t believe how much it turns me on…
Just to be your man…

Sweet Jesus… What is it about a sexy ass man, croonin out a sexy, I wanna fuck you song, that can get a girl’s juices pumpin?

My man loves my sensual side. It’s raw emotion and 100% sexy. He loves what we call wall-dancin. Wall dancin usually occurs after a night of good, hard drinkin.

We’ll go in the house, leave the lights off, or turn on a light in the other room so we can barely see until our eyes adjust.

I love to go out in dress clothes, slutty shoes and sometimes a cowboy hat. It’s just sexy. I keep my clothes on for a while. T stands in the middle of the livingroom still dressed. We have several CDs that have some excellent sexy music on them. I’ll pop one in the player, kick off his shoes and let the games begin.

I love dancing around him. I love dancing with him. It usually starts out with us slow dancing in the privacy of our space. I love my hands combing through his hair and running over his neck and ears. I love the feel of his breath on me. I love touching him through his clothes. Touching barely enough for him to feel it, but firm enough to know I am.

I love teasing his cock through his blue jeans. I love running my hand over his dick as it is getting hard inside his pants. I love dancing behind him. Caressing him. Feeling his heart beat hastening and his breaths becoming shallow. He’s getting turned on.

I love pulling his shirt off and feeling his warm skin under my still exploring hands as I dance around him. Grinding on his leg, rubbing against his ass. Reach around, unbutton those jeans that are now too tight in the crotch. I love pushing him down on the couch, where he sits, jeans wrapped around his ankles. Dick popping up, showing underneath his chonies.

I grab the jeans, toss them away.
The light is dim, but sillouettes can be seen. He is made to watch. He is not allowed to touch me until I tell him he can from this point on.

When I dirty dance for him, it is always started off with Josh Turner’s “Your Man”.

Que song #4. The music starts. Slowly, I start to move with the music. Off comes the hat as I grab hold of the wall and act as if it is my dancing partner. Running my hands up and down, turning my back to it and slithering up and down. Slink out of my top. But it has to be a tease. Swaying on the wall to the music, up and off comes the shirt. Next the pants must go.

Slide towards him, just out of his reach, unbutton my pants and let them fall to the floor.

Now I am left in my bra, panties and slutty shoes.

Slink a bit closer to him. Take his hand and put it on my thigh. I guide his hand between my legs, not stopping to linger at my hotspot that is starting to ache for him. No. I keep his hand moving up my body. His fingers graze over my belly and up to my bra.

I slap his hand and walk away to the rhythm of the song. Back on the wall I go. He sits there like a good boy and doesn’t say a word. I’m getting extremely turned on. I turn my back to the wall again, reach behind me and unhook my bra, letting it fall to the floor in front of me.

I run my hands over my body. I skim over my panties, just enough to tease myself and get my juices flowing. I pass lightly over my belly, up to my breasts. I caress them in my hands, gently. I slip a finger into my mouth to get it wet and tease my nipples. They grow hard and I can feel myself getting wet. I tease him as I tease me.

I can’t stop what is started. I slide my hand down my body into the front of my panties. There is so much heat radiating. I brush my fingers through the little landing strip I have down there. I can feel my pussy begging. I can see him watching me. I let my finger slip down and touch my clit. It is so hot and erect. It’s as hard as a rock.

“Cum, baby.” T whispers from the couch. Where he is still sittting there as he was told.

“Shhhhh!” I tell him. My hips are moving not only to the music, but they are meeting my fingers which are now rhythmically stroking my clit. I slip out of the panties. I slide down the wall until I am sitting on the floor with my legs spread, facing him, so he can see what I am doing.

I begin to rub harder and faster. I can feel it all the way through my body. The ache of wanting to cum. But, not yet. I want him to make me cum. I crawl across the floor to him. I get up and straddle his lap. My pussy wide open begging for his fingers.

I take his hands and put them on my breasts. He fondles them until my nipples become hard again. My fingers are back on my clit. Working it, keeping it hot for him. He can’t stand it anymore. He grabs my hands and puts them behind my back, locking them there with one hand. He takes my nipple in his mouth, sucking furiously, nibbling, biting. His free hand finds its way between my burning thighs. His fingers find the same rhythm I was rubbing to and he adds to it. Same speed, teasing me, rolling my clit between his fingers. I can feel the burn start deep inside me. He’s going to make me cum. I start rolling my hips and grinding myself into his hand. I am dripping wet, I’m cumming. My juices are running down my legs onto his.

He slips two fingers inside of me as I try to recover from the first orgasm. He is slowly probing for my G-spot. It didn’t take him long. He found it and he manipulates it. He brings me so close to cumming again, then stops. He rubs my clit with his thumb, leaving his fingers inside of me.

“Slide down there and lay on your back, baby.” He says to me.

I slide my feet to floor and stand up. All the while his thumb dancing over my swollen clit, his two fingers still slipping in and out of my wetness. With the grace of ballroom dancers, we manuvered to the floor. As he requested, I lay flat on my back. He sat kneeled in front of my open legs. His free hand held my legs apart. He loves my legs to be spread far apart. He loves to watch my cunt as his manipulates it and teases it.

I was unable to control myself any longer. I started out the dominating one, and ended up submitting to him as my pussy got hotter and hotter. I started moaning. My back was arched off of the floor and my hips rising to his thumb. I slid my hand back down the front of my body, meeting his thumb and edging it to the side. I wanted to work my clit while his was fucking me so deep with his fingers. Pumping in and out of me. His pace was picking up to match the speed that I was rubbing.

When he saw I was close to cumming again, he turned his focus back to my g-spot. He massaged it and teased it. When I moaned and cried out from the oncoming orgasm, he jumped on top of me. Thrusting his dick all the way inside of me. His hips beating against my hips. My fingers still working my clit. I was rubbing furiously now and thrusting against him so he could be engulfed my hungry cunt. I screamed out as he forced himself deep inside of me over and over. I was cumming again. This was the big one. I was turning my head back and forth like a mad woman, gasping for every breath I could get. There it came. I pussy walls were contracting around his dick as he continued. The more they contracted, the more I kept cumming. Squeezing on him. I heard him starting to cry out. “Oh God. I’m cumming too!”

His dick jumped around inside of me as he released all of his built up tension. He collapsed on top of me. Neither of us able to move. Paralyzed from the simulataneous mega orgasm we had just experienced.

Thunder & Lightning

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Darth and I had been fooling around for quite some time and having a good time doing it. He had dropped hints more than once about wanting to play with another girl and me and the same time. It’s not that I didn’t want to, I just didn’t want to share, dammit. I liked his dick in me and I was being greedy.
Well, he finally talked me into it.


 I had things to do that evening so I told him I’d be over sometime around 9ish. He said that was fine, they’d be there waiting for me.

I got there and sure enough, there he was, there she was. He’d set it up and was gonna make it happen. I’d never met her before, even though I knew about her. I know she knew that he had another playmate, but she didn’t know me or anything about me, other than Darth telling us both of us that we would like each other. Her name was Dianne.

They were watching Lost when I got there. The house was dark other than the light given off by the t.v. I walked across the livingroom to the oversized recliner.

I had come from a wedding, so I was dressed in a black skirt suit. I slid off my jacket, threw it over the back of the recliner and sat down. The slit in the skirt came nearly all the way up my thigh when I put the leg rest up and got comfortable. I could feel her sneaking looks over at me from her spot on the couch.


A commercial came on and she asked me, “Want some Blackberry Wine?  It’s really good.”


“Yum!  Sure.”  I said.


She brought the wine in and we all sat there watching the end of the show, sipping wine, chit chatting, making small talk.  Finally, it was over. 


“We should go get in the hot tub.”  Darth said as he wandered toward the back of the house and disappeared without waiting for our reply.


Dianne shrugged and went toward the back of the living room to the door that led to the screened in back porch.  It was warm, muggy and cloudy.  A storm was coming; we could hear thunder way off in the distance.   A fog was starting to rise in the field behind Darth’s house.  It was a very sexy feeling night.


Dianne was out of her clothes, totally naked and in the hot tub in mere seconds.

I couldn’t help but stare at her, even if it was only a split second.


“Are you coming in?”  She asked with a coy smile on her face.


Without saying a word, I slipped out of my skirt and top.  I unfastened my bra and let it fall to the ground and stepped out of my panties. 

I climbed in and sat across from her.  We started chit chatting about silly things again.


Out of the blue she asked me, “Can I touch you?”


“Oh yah.”  I said back to her.


She came across the tub and got close to me.  Her hands began to explore my body, ending up with her squeezing and taunting my nipples.  I leaned back and just enjoyed feeling her hands on me. 


As she teased me, she leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Does that feel good?”


I managed to get, “uh huh” out. 


She leaned over and kissed me, pulling me into her.   I grabbed her hips and pulled myself up.  We were kneeling in the middle of the hot tub.  Caressing each other’s body.  She was still lightly pinching my nipples, flicking them with her tongue occasionally. 


I let my hands start at her knees.  I ran my fingers up her thighs, between her legs.  My fingertips barely grazed the outer lips of her pussy, but I felt her body tense up and she was responding.  I let my hands continue up to her breasts, rubbing them gently at first, working my fingers over her nipples.


We were busy making out like teenagers and didn’t hear Darth slip out the backdoor onto the porch.  He watched for a minute before making his presence known.


“I wondered why it got so quiet out here.  I heard talking, then nothing.”  He said, laughing.


He was already naked and standing in front of us.  It was obvious that he was completely turned on by what he had been watching.  His dick was hard and standing straight up.  It took everything in me not to break away from Dianne and start sucking on his dick.


He didn’t waste any time.  He climbed in and told us to keep on doing what we’d been doing.   He was getting off on being a voyeur.  After a few minutes, he told Dianne, “Hop up there on the edge of the tub.”


He came to the middle of the tub and got up behind me.  His arms wrapped around me and he was teasing me while we both watched Dianne slide herself up onto the side.   She leaned back, held onto the framing of the porch and spread her legs wide. 


I went to her.  I flickered my tongue over her clit and watched her shutter.  I slipped a finger into her warm pink spot and felt her tighten around me.  I was enjoying teasing her as Darth was behind me teasing my pussy with the head of his dick, massaging my clit with one hand and holding my tit with the other. 


I could see Dianne building with anticipation, so I did what she was craving.  I took her clit into mouth and started to suck.  Nice and easy to begin with, then the intensity began to get to us both and I stepped it up and sucked harder.  She was aching to cum and her shrill screams of enjoyment filled the air.


I was getting more and more hot every time I’d suck on her.  Each pulse on her clit brought me closer and closer to wanting satisfaction myself.  I could feel the heat rising between my legs.  I could feel that ache that comes with unrelenting teasing.  Every time Darth would brush even lightly over my clit, the pings of pleasure would radiate from my pussy.


My fingers were working in and out of Dianne’s now sopping cunt.  Her eyes were closed and she was gritting her teeth.   She was about to cum hard.  As she started cumming, she screamed out to Darth  “Fuck her! Fuck her, now!  Fill her up!” 


Without hesitation he pulled my hips down and thrust his long, hard dick inside of me.  At that second I felt extreme pain that gave way to deep pleasure with every stroke he took.  I couldn’t focus on Dianne anymore.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, but all I could think about was Darth and the way he was moving in and out of me.  How his fingers were dancing on my clit and how they began to rub me in a rhythmic circle and Dianne sucking my nipples, until I couldn’t hold it back any longer.  I was cumming, and I was cumming hard.  I could feel it start with my clit, emulating inside my pussy where his dick was mercilessly rubbing over and over until I exploded.  I am not a screamer, but both of them could tell by my breathing and quiet moans that I was there. 


He pulled out of me and told that it was my turn to get on the side of the tub.  I slipped out of the water and up onto the side.  I leaned back and grabbed the closest post.  Pulled my legs up and they were spread wide apart.  My pussy was there and they were both looking at it. 


Dianne didn’t hesitate.  She slipped two of her fingers inside of me.  She worked them in and out, in and out, twisting them around as she did.  Darth was working my clit with his thumb.  He found perfect rhythm with her and they were fucking me to the point of another orgasm. 

He took his hand away and gently pushed her face into my cunt.  She lapped it up like she couldn’t get enough.  He was making it worth her while to eat me.

He told Dianne, “Watch her.  She squirms and she tries to get away.”


She locked her arms around my thighs to keep me in one place as he pushed inside of her and started to fuck her.  Everytime he would push deep inside of her, she would push her fingers deep inside of me.  As he played with her clit, she would suck mine.  I was so engulfed in pleasure.  I was on fire and aching to cum again.  She would suck perfect and with her fingering me, I would be so close to cumming.  I took her head gently in my hands and started grinding my clit into her lips.  I was moving up and down and in circles. 


I wimpered, “Please, please suck hard.  Suck on me, harder.” 


She had no more than sucked just a little harder and I was cumming.  She lapped my juices up and acted as if she couldn’t get enough.  I was starting to relax just a little , when Darth slid his fingers in me.  Trying to stir my heat again.  I’m not sure if it was another orgasm or just a continuation of the one before it, but my cum was dripping off of my pussy and down my butt onto the towel that was there to keep us from slipping.


I couldn’t take anymore.  I slid back down into the water and joined the two of them in the middle.


Darth said, “Ladies, I don’t know how much more of this I can take.  Would the two of you please make me cum?”


Darth is the type that loves to feel hands on his body.  It was his turn.  He stood up in front of us.  And there it was, his beautiful dick.  It was hard and begging to be licked, touched and sucked.  We both had our hands on him.  We were taking turns putting him in our mouths, sharing him with our tongues.  Caressing his balls.  Jacking him  off and teasing his head.  It didn’t take very long.  He had been holding out and making himself wait to cum.  When we finally worked him up to it, he yelled out and shot straight out. 


We all lay back in the bubbling water, trying to relax and catch our breath.  The thunder in the distance was close now.  A bolt of lightning shot through the air followed by a boom of thunder. 


Darth said, “It’s a sign.  From now on, you are thunder (pointing at me) and you are lightening (Dianne).”


Darth and I had some wicked times, but that was very nice for a change.  Dianne and I became friends, which made Darth happy.

To this day, everytime I see lightening in the distance or hear the thunder clap, I think of that night in the hottub.


The Darkside Revisited

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Darth should have never left us alone to our own devices. He should have known better. He should have known we liked each other. But he just had to go on the business trip and leave us to take care of ourselves. He should have known better…


In all acutally, he encouraged the tryst between us girls because he knew it would keep up occupied, satisfied and would keep us from straying anywhere until he came back home. If we were together, chances were we’d still be his by the time his trip was over.

Dianne called me at the office about a week after Darth left. She wanted to know if I was busy and had time to get together for a while. I was feeling frisky and missing Darth, so I said it would be not only nice, but I was sure it would be fun.

“Where do you want to meet?” I asked her.


“Let’s just hook up at Darth’s place since it’s close to both of us.” She said, “Plus he has the hot tub.”


“Oohh, that’s right. Works for me. Tonight?” I asked.


“Yah, around 9?” She replied.


“See ya there” I said. “Ciao.”


I was useless the rest of the day. Darth had been gone and I was totally in a dry spell. Even though Dianne and I knew about one another, we were both faithful to him. He was the only one either of us was having an intimate relationship with. Well, until we started playing together anyway. But that was Darth approved and we liked it.

I got there around 9, as planned. I rang the bell and she came to the door. We were both in jeans a t-shirts. We sat around watching t.v. for a little while.

“Wanna get in the hot tub?” She asked me.

“Sure. But can I have a glass?” I asked.

I had a little bottle of Jack with me. Figured it might help me not be as nervous. Now don’t ask me why I was nervous. There was really no need. We had liked each other before and had a blast, why would this time be any different?

She grabbed a glass from the cabinet and I poured a little shot.


“Want some of this?” I offered.

“Nah. I’ve got some of this mix left I’ll drink.” She said.

She poured a drink and disappeared to the bathroom to get towels. She came back and we grabbed our drinks and headed out back. We peeled off our clothes and hopped in. We sat talking for a few minutes.

“There’s a film in the water. Let’s go ahead and get out so I can shock it.” She said.


Darth hadn’t been home to take care of the water, so we were out of luck.

We hopped out, dried off, grabbed our drinks and headed toward Darth’s bedroom. We put our glasses on the night stand.

“Let’s go take a shower and get this off of us.” She said.

“Good idea.” I said. “I don’t need my skin to dry out.”

She turned on the shower, felt to make sure it was warm enough and we hopped in. We shampooed our hair and washed the hottub film off of us.


While I was rinsing my hair, I felt her touch my breast. She ran her fingers around it before stopping at my nipple. I let my hands find her breasts. There we stood, with the hot water running over our bodies and our fingertips on one another.

“Time to get out.” She said as she hopped out and tossed me my towel.

I jumped out of the shower and started drying off. We went from the bathroom into Darth’s bedroom. We stood there for a minute. Kissing and teasing each other. Finally she took me by the hand and we climbed up on the bed.

It wasn’t long before she had me laid back on the bed kissing me, letting her hands explore my body again. She found my clit and started to rub it in slow constant circles.


She was on her knees beside me, and I reached to touch her. I found the wet spot between her legs. She was already extremely turned on and extremely wet.

I slid my fingers over her lips, barely touching her clit. Her whole body tensed with anticipation.


She was starting to finger me. Letting her two fingers probe and explore my tight pussy. She stroked them in and out. As I got closer to cumming, she pumped her fingers in and out of me faster and faster. I reached between my legs and started rubbing my clit with my free hand while the other was still stroking her dripping cunt.


She was starting to pant and moan. I must have been fingering her just right because she started to pant and the moan changed into a scream. I kept on although I knew if she was like me, she would want to stop and catch her breath for a minute. But I wanted to cum too.


She kept slipping her fingers inside me. She was rubbing over my g-spot, whether she knew it or not. I was rubbing my clit and thrusting up to meet her fingers as they pumped in and out. I was cumming. I felt it start in the small of my back, down to my thighs. It was right there.

“Faster!” I told her. We both speeded up just enough to push me over the edge. I was cumming. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter with every contraction she was causing with her persistent pumping.


We both fell back and relaxed for a few minutes. Neither one of us took our hands off the other. I rubbed her thigh and listened to her breathe. She was about to catch her breath. I was still panting and having aftershocks. We lay there for a few more minutes and got up to get a drink.


Darth called her while we were in the kitchen.

“Is she there?” He asked her.

“Oh yah. We were just thinking about you.” She told him.

She was standing at the corner of the island kitchen. I squated down in front of her and ran my tongue along the outside of her pussy lips. I brushed over her clit with the second pass. I pushed my tongue past her lips to find her clit. She started to moan and sway, but also trying to keep herself together while she was talking to him.


“You better take pictures.” He said. “I wanna see.”


“You know we will.” She told him as she hung up.


“Lets go back to bed.” She said as she grabbed my hand an pulled me up.


She went back to the bedroom, reached under the pillow and came out with a cute little vibrator. She crawled back into the bed and laid back on the pillows. She looked at me and spread her legs wide. I crawled up and across the bed to her. I kissed her belly and ran my tongue down the front of her body until I found what it was she wanted me to do.


I pressed down with firm pressure with my tongue and began to stroke her clit. Occassionally, I would take it in my mouth and suck while my tongue teased her. She was overcome with pleasure. I know how to use my tongue and I love licking a girl as much as I love to be licked myself. The vibrator dropped at her side as she grabbed for the pillows, the sheets, anything she could hold on to.

Her hips moved in circles while I ran my tongue around her pussy. She was moaning again. I knew she couldn’t take much more. Sucking her pussy with the lightest pressure and she was was cumming again. The moans turned to screams of plessure as she started to relax and her butt dropped back down onto the bed.

I lay there with my head resting on her thigh while she caught her breath.


“Come here.” She panted as she motioned for me to come back to the top of the bed with her.

I crawled up beside her, leaned down and kissed her long and deep before laying on the pillows and closing my eyes for a minute. Regroup, round 3. We lay there touch each other lightly, running fingertips over our bodies until our bodies started to respond again.


Dianne started feeling around for the vibrator. She turned on to her side facing me. She switched the silver toy on low and held it to my nipple until it hardened. She ran it over my breast to the other nipple. It was soon hard too. She leaned over and started sucking my left nipple as she ran the happy stick down my belly toward my already aroused and ready cunt.


She purposely avoided letting it touch me down there. She teased the inside of my thighs with it for what seemed like forever before grazing over my swollen clit.


Finally, the cold, hard delight was between my lips and buzzing all around my pussy. She was teasing and taunting me by letting it slide just inside of me before pulling it back out and returning to my clit. My hips started to move as I felt that longing burn start to rise again. I wasn’t far from cumming and I wanted her to cum again too. With me.


She had another dildo with her. She leaned over the bed and pulled brought it out. Without saying a word, we entertwined our legs and pushed ourselves together until my pussy was pushed against hers. She sat up a little and held on to my legs. I leaned back into the pillows and pushed into so that our my lips were brushing over her clit and hers brushed over mine.

She turned on the little vibrator and slipped it down between our legs.

We both picked up the pace a little bit because we were both on the verge of cumming one more time.

I could feel the hot burning sensation of an orgasm welling up inside of me. We bumped and pushed against the vibrator and against each other. With every pass, a moan of pleasure would escape me. I couldn’t take anymore, and neither could she, I could see it in her eyes. We were both

cumming. My moans gave way to wimpers of pure ecstacy. She followed right behind me.

We collapsed on the rumpled up bed and lay there for a little while before I got up to get dressed. She walked me to the door and kissed me goodbye.

“We’ll have to do this again, huh?” She asked.

“I think so too. Night” I said as I walked to my car.